How to Convert Headline Keywords into Hashtags

Increase the Popularity of Your Social Media Posts_dlvrit

Recently, I came across this article on the blog, Twitter Hashtag Analysis: Do People Really Use Them? I was surprised to learn that nearly 60% of all tweets do not include hashtags. In a previous blog post, we discussed in-depth the … [Continue reading]

The Key Ingredient for Memorable and Actionable Social Media Messages


We’ve mentioned quite a few times in recent posts about the importance of visuals in your social media content.  To be clear to social media newbie’s (me included), visuals are not just photos. Visuals can be any type of image - drawings, … [Continue reading]

Perfect Image Posting to Social Media: The ONE Number You Need To Know

Aspect Ratio_2-to-1 Social Media Image Optimazation_dlvrit

Are you finding yourself confused over the proper image size required for each social network? You are not alone. Once you figure out your profile image size, what about the in-stream image size? You create a blog post, what size should the image … [Continue reading]

12 Entrepreneurs Share Easy to Implement Advice on Gathering Quick Customer Feedback


  Twelve entrepreneurs from the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), an invite-only organization comprised of the world’s most promising young entrepreneurs, share how to get quick feedback from your customers online:  1. Feedback … [Continue reading]

Automatically Post Photos from Instagram, Pinterest, RSS and more


We’re thrilled to bring you one of our most requested features: Automated photo posting! You can now use to instantly share photos from your RSS feeds, blogs, Instagram accounts and Pinterest boards to Twitter, Facebook and all your social … [Continue reading]